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Hello, my name is Greg Fausey and I want to talk about myself and the JAMS/YAMS program along with the AANR Midwest Convention.

I became a nudist in 2002 at my home club of Turtle Lake Resort in Union City, Michigan. I have 3 kids. My oldest is 21 and he attended TLR for the first time when he was 7. My other two, ages 13 & 14, started as babies with their first swim lessons in the indoor pool. We really enjoy the atmosphere and after all these years, consider a lot of the members as family.

In 2015, I was voted onto the AANR Midwest Board of Directors. I was tasked with running the JAMS/YAMS during the yearly conventions. This program was not new to me. My kids have participated in the program for years and prior to being voted in, I functioned as an advisor for couple of years. If you’re unfamiliar with the JAMS/YAMS program, allow me to give you a snap shot.

The YAMS are ages 5-11yrs and the JAMS are 12-19yrs. For the week of convention, we have age appropriate activities planned for the kids. They range from arts and crafts, cookies sales, ice cream socials, movie night, water balloon fights and flag stealing. Additionally, we’ve been paintballing and kayaking. We do some off ground activities that have included museums, Cedar Point and Michigan’s Adventure. The program is mainly about building relationships and being comfortable in your own skin. Part of the fun that mostly entails the JAMS is raffle sales. The kids are tasked with selling raffle tickets which are then placed into bags for items you would like to win on awards night. This is to help teach the kids ownership. We are a self-funded group so the money we spend doing the fun things has to be replenished and this is the main way to accomplish this.

One of my main priorities with taking over the program is to get back to some of the roots. In the past, we have drawn a separation between the JAMS and YAMS. I would like to see the JAMS work on building leadership skills by mentoring the YAMS. I’d like to boost the YAMS excitement about becoming a JAM and having that big brother, big sister vibe. I believe this is important and by instilling these leadership skills at a young age, I will help them as they mature and prepare for the world of “adulting.”

This is just a quick glance at what we do and I would love to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to email me at gmfausey@gmail.com and I will respond back as quickly as I can. I hope to see you at Fern Hills for our 2017 AANR Midwest Convention.

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