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Hello everyone. Well summer has come and gone again for another season. Most of the clubs will be closing their pools and cleaning up getting ready for the winter. Let’s recap some of the happenings this summer. We opened the year with Memorial Day Celebrations at most of our clubs, then went into the Fourth of July that turned out to be wet and cold in parts of the Midwest. Then most weekends’ rain was in the forecast and it turned out to be one of the wettest summers in the Midwest. We had the AANR Midwest Convention at Fern Hills Club in Bloomington Indiana and then a week after that the AANR National Convention at DeAnza Springs in San Diego California. Thrown in the middle of that another record breaking Skinny Dip was held throughout the country and finally ended with another wet Labor Day Weekend.

During the meetings at DeAnza Springs there was some discussion of changing the number of members on the Board of Trustees at the National level. For those of you that attended our convention at Fern Hills you should have seen a presentation put on by our own Member Trustee from the Midwest, Harvey Hannah. There is a movement going around about reducing the Trustee Board from 14 that it is currently to as little as 7 in the future. The makeup of the group has not been decided yet but the candidates would have some of the core competencies that were listed in the presentation. There is still much work to do by this panel and it may be on the ballot for the entire membership in March of next year. Keep an eye on the Bulletin for more news.

Well back in the Midwest, everyone is predicting a bad winter with below average temperatures and record snow and ice. Personally that just makes me think more of summer and being back at Camp. Everyone should try to stay warm and think about how it will feel to get back to camp and enjoying the warmth. And if things get too cold then maybe you need to visit a club in the south or southwest and become a Snowbird. That is all for now have a great fall and winter.

Yours Naturally,
Richard Snider

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